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Project content

  • 3 weapons
  • Equipping weapons at runtime
  • 1 boss
  • 5 AI types
  • Sound detection
  • LOS detection

This project is a demo FPS demo level. This was my first project using Unreal Engine and blueprints. My focus on this project was mainly on the AI system, weapons and interaction system.


Sound detection

Enemies can react to nearby sounds made by the player.

Different actions that the player make have different levels of sound broadcasting. For exemple shooting a gun can alert an entire room while walking will only alert nearby enemies.

Line of sight

Ennemies can react to what they see

If the player walk if front of an ennemy they will lock onto him.

If the player break the LOS by walking behind an object, the AI will go to his last known position.

Boss fight

There is a boss at the end of the demo level.

He has 5 differents attacks that deal AOE damage.

The AOE range shows up as red zone on the ground similar to the ones often seen in MMO's



While the project content is pretty good by itself, the real challenge for me in this project came from the actual level design and some performance issues

Because of the sound detection and LOS system i implemented, my levels had to be designed in a very specific way to assure that the player is not getting overwhelmed by ennemies.

I used a lot of external assets for level building in this project and that ultimately led to performance issues. To solve this problem i used a system that would load my levels on the go and unload the ones that had already been completed. I also had to mess with the lightmap and texture resolutions, as well as removing a lot of decorative lights in the scene

Play the game :