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This project is still in a "Bare-bone" stage, i plan to add more content later like new maps, items, guns and playable characters

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Project content

  • 13 differents items
  • 2 weapons
  • 1 map
  • 1 boss
  • 4 enemy type

I started this project in between two semesters as a way to try to apply to a real project what i have learned so far. This project also taught me many thing about properly planning my work and keeping track of what still needs to be done. I also learned a lot of good practices when programming in Unity because i ran into performance issues really quick due to the big amount of entity at any given time on the map.

Gameplay loop

Shoot enemies

The core gameplay is all about shooting enemies that spawn randomly around the player to try to survive and earn money.

Killing enemies will reward the player with experience points and money. Once the player has collected enough experience points, his character will level up

Open chests

The player can spend the money he earned killing ennemies by opening chest that gives a random item.

A variety of items are available to the player

All chest start with a base cost of 25 and the cost will ramp-up for every map completed

Activate the teleporter

The player need to activate the teleporter obelisk in the map in order to progress to the next stage

This will spawn a wave of enemy and awaken the map's boss.

The player needs to stay in a zone to charge the teleporter and kill the boss the open the portal

Take the portal

The player can have to take to portal to proceed to the next stage

The player will keep all items but loose his money. The difficulty multiplier will spike once the portal is traversed

The goal is to survive as long as possible

Collectible system

Adding new items is pretty easy because of the collectible system and ICollectible interface i have implemented

CollectiblesScript ICollectibles

Items samples

Here are some examples of the items available to the player







Eternal Flame

Eternal flame

Golem Core (Boss item)

Golem Core