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This project is a short single player puzzle game where the player can control 2 different character. This was my first video game project ever.

Play the game :


Swapping characters

The player can swap between the cat and the dog by pressing R. Both of them have different mechanics associated to them. For instance, the cat is allowed to use the jump pads while the dog can push crates.

Those mechanics allow the player to solve the puzzles by taking advantage of the mechanics available to the characters and swapping between them at the right moment

Follow request

The player can press F at any time to make a follow request. This will create a pathfinding route for the character that is currently not being focused on so that he can join the active character.

This mechanic allows to avoid breaking the flow of the game by making the player go to the same place twice.

Gameplay mechanics

Pressure plates

Each of the puzzles contains one or more red plate on the ground

The player needs to push a crate on each of the plates present in the room in order to open the door and progress to the next puzzle.

Swap characters

Some areas will be innacesible to the one of the characters. In that case the player will need to swap the character and solve a puzzle that will allow the other character to join him.

Only the dog can push the crates so levels can not be completed without him.



Even if the visual style is pretty simple and i used some basic assets, i think this is my best looking project in term of visual because of the amount of time i spent messing with Post processing, finding assets that would blend well with the rest and making the 3D terrain for the background.

Due to the very limited knowledge i had in programming and working with game engines at the time of this project i'm actually pretty impressed looking back at it that i have managed to do this in the short amount of time i had.

Even if it's not my most impressive project, it's certainly one of my favorite